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Our Alkaline Water Filter with Deluxe Designer Filter Tap provides Alkaline Water, freshly filtered on demand in your kitchen allowing you to use this high grade Alkaline water not just for drinking but for all of your food preparation and cooking, also ice making, coffee and tea, the list is endless.


Our products are NSF Certified and carry the Australian Watermark which is your assurance of quality. Our Premium Twin Undersink Alkaline Water Filter System also carries our 10 Year Parts and Labour Warranty.


Price includes installation anywhere in Greater Sydney Area or free shipping Australia Wide which ever is applicable.


Twin Undersink water filter is a combination of 1-micron Sediment filter and a 0.5-micron carbon filter is designed to remove contaminants and chemicals from your drinking water. Compact in design, this water filter sits neatly under your sink with a faucet installed directly above the sink. 


Stage 1: 1-micron Sediment Filter - For mechanical filtration protects and extends the life of the carbon filter. Removes sediment particles, dirt, dust, rust, mud, algae etc.


Stage 2: 0.5 micron Carbon Filter - This is the heart of the system, social high-grade carbon cartridge which has special adsorption qualities. The 0.5-micron carbon block filter effectively removes all chlorine, chemicals, pesticides, unpleasant tastes and odour along with harmful heavy metals. Made from premium carbon, the second stage carbon produces fresh and sweeter tasting water. 


This combination of 1-micron sediment filter and 0.5-micron quality carbon will provide you and your family with clean, safe and healthy drinking water.


Stage 3: After your water has been purified in the previous 2 stages it then passes through our state of the art mineral cartridge to replenish essential minerals and results in your water being Alkaline.


Plus included in this special promotion is a FREE UPGRADE to a Deluxe Designer Filter Tap. (See images above)


*FREE Holiday - Upon installation of this product. FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, Fresh Filtered Water has an incredible deal!! Simply purchase any home filtered water system from us, and we'll treat the whole family to a FREE HOLIDAY!




No catches, tricks or gimmicks - get FRESH FILTERED WATER for your home & you'll receive a complimentary holiday voucher that can be used for up to 7 nights* accommodation at your choice of 100+ destinations including:


15+ Locations in Australia & NZ

50+ Locations in the U.S (including Las Vegas, Hawaii & More)

Plus other destinations across Asia, South Pacific & Europe


*T&Cs apply. Accommodation only.


*Please note Installation is included in the price with minimal modifications to your kitchen and all modifications can be restored which is valid in a rental property, you can have it installed with no need for approval. Our relocation service is available and includes removal and reinstallation of the system within the Greater Sydney Area, cost is just $165.


We generally recommend a regular service and cartridge replacement every 12 months and we will contact you as these service events are due to arrange the service of your water filter to ensure that your is working consistently and providing you with water of a guaranteed quality.

Premium Domestic Water Filter + Alkaline System (FREE Holiday Included)

GST Included
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