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Peter Irvine

Co - Founder Gloria Jeans Coffees International


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We are an Australian domestic water filter sales and service company established 1999, who offers its customers ongoing and trusted solutions for one of life's most basic and important needs, that is clean, great tasting, healthy drinking water in the kitchen at home.

We believe that our customers seek the most current and well priced solution to their water quality needs and for this reason we do not manufacture but rather we represent those companies who supply products of the highest standard and certification.

Our customer relationship does not end at a sale but continues into our ongoing annual service of their equipment and this equates to great savings on bottled water and contributes positively to the environment by eliminating plastic bottles.

20 years experience in water filtration sales and service means we have developed some outstanding customer relationships.

Water from a high quality water filter is an affordable necessity in every kitchen.

Imagine more energy with less food, more brain power, improved health, clear vibrant skin and a feeling of wellbeing and balance. Water is the basis of all life on earth, without water there is no life. Pure and FRESHLY filtered water has no sugar, no fat, will help your body to remove toxins and fight disease. Do you feel like a glass of pure and FRESHLY filtered drinking water right now?


Pure and FRESHLY filtered drinking water should be used to prepare our food, ice, coffee & tea and other drinks.

Water is an essential part of your everyday life. You wash yourself in water to keep yourself clean but rarely do we consider the need to wash the insides of our bodies out to cleanse toxins and fats, which build up.

Metabolic and Anabolic processes produce wastes in our bodies, which can only be carried away when the body is properly hydrated. Water is life giving, it can mean the difference between good health and sickness.

The water coming out of our suburban taps does not come straight from a pristine environment as some people seemingly believe, but rather it comes from a highly contaminated modern industrial & Agricultural environment where the use of chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, hormones and many other damaging substances permeate into our drinking water supply. It then travels through a complex network of underground pipes, some of which are over 150 years old.

Take control of your kitchen tap water quality today!

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