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Alkaline Water in your kitchen.. FRESH Filtered Water can provide you with the best water filter systems that will suit the needs of any home or office. All the reverse osmosis water filters we supply are Watermark and NSF Certified, ensuring you get a reverse osmosis system that meets all relevant Australian standards. 4 Stage System The advanced 4 Stage System we offer is one of the most comprehensive portable water systems available on the market. Stage 1 is Sediment 1 Micron, Stage 2 is the Carbon Block, Stage 3 is the Reverse Osmosis Membrane, Stage 4 is an Alkaline Water Mineralising Stage.  You can request our full product specifications. We appreciate that not everyone is familiar with reverse osmosis water filters and the complexities of water filtration so why not book a FREE onsite water test so that we may answer all of your questions.

RO4000 - Portable 4 STAGE REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEM with Alkaline Water

GST Included
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