Aragon Whole House/High Flow 20” Twin featuring Polyspun Pre-Filter and Aragon Plus Filter Cartridge  Aragon Plus Patented Filter Media.


High Grade 304 Stainless  Caleffi Pressure Reducing Valves Made in Europe. 


Steel Bracket and Pressure Gauges  Made in Italy.


The Big Blue filtration systems are specifically designed to cater to areas where a high flow rate is needed.


Installed on mains plumbing, sediment and chlorine are removed from all faucets/ showers throughout the premises, at up to 50 litres per minute, protecting tap washers, hot water systems and appliances. 


The Aragon Plus filter cartridge is manufactured with patented Aragon media; representing the most up-to-date technology for water treatment against viruses, bacteria and cysts.  The Aragon filter cartridge has been extensively tested by Certified Laboratories in Europe to effectively remove chemicals, pesticides, bacteria, heavy metals and sediment down to >2 microns. 


Ideal for both potable and non-potable water. 


Aragon Plus Manufacture  structure) material combines 3 types of filtration: mechanical, sorption and ion-exchange - making this filter the most efficient at removing the widest range of contaminants. Our Big Blue filter systems are fitted with Caleffi Pressure Reducing Valves to safeguard your water filter system. These valves are fully adjustable between 100 - 600kPa to allow for an optimum water pressure.  Pressure Reducing Valves Made in Italy 


Aragon Whole House/High Flow 20” Twin  1  Specifications  IT004020  385(W) x 700(H) x 205(D)  +4°C to +75°C  up to 50 litres p/min  5,000 litres  60,000 litres  5 years*  2  Item No. 


Dimensions (mm)  Water Temperature  Max. Flow Rate  Filter Capacity  Polyspun Pre-Filter  Aragon Plus Filter  Warranty  WaterMark Certificate No.: 23124   v05_20 


The Australian WaterMark Standard Approval of this system is your guarantee of quality.  “Aragon cartridges have shown 100% water decontamination efficiency from viral pollution” - The Research Insitute of Human Ecology & Environmental Health  100% STAGE 1  1 micron  Polyspun Pre-Filter  This stage effectively filters sediment, rust, dirt and other particulate matter. Manufactured with a triple-layer structure to maximise the contaminant holding capacity and filter life.  Effective removal of all particulate matter.  Manufactured by thermal bond without the use of binders or adhesives.  STAGE 2  Aragon Plus Filter Made in Europe The patented second stage mechanically filters impurities through the surface layers with extremely high accuracy.  Filtration Process  SGS-polymers have shown the best results in the complex removal of harmful impurities. Elements and compounds including heavy metals and radioactive materials are removed through ion-exchange and sorption mechanisms. 


The Aragon solid block material is a bacteriostatic polymer made from additives of silver and granules of ion-exchange resins. Hardness salts, dissolved and colloidal iron, heavy metals and there compounds are removed through the resin and polymer ion-exchange properties. The Aragon filters capacity also provides removal of active chlorine, chlorine containing compounds and organic compounds.