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The Three-Stage Undersink water filter system with lead removal is similar to our Three-Stage Undersink water filter system with our specially designed carbon filter which removes up to 99% of the lead from the water.

It not only removes lead, but this heavy-duty filtration unit also removes other chemical contaminants, heavy metals and features high capacity chlorine removal. 

With triple the filtration of all contaminants in your drinking water, it incorporates three stages of purification. Stage 1 using a 1-micron Sediment filter it eliminates rust, scale, algae, mud and smaller particles. Stage 2 using our popular 0.5 micron Carbon filter it eliminates chlorine and all the heavy metals and finally stages 3 using and inline filter for final polishing of bitterness, taste and odour from your drinking water. All combined this advanced water filter unit will give you the utmost quality drinking water on your tap.


Stage 1: 1-micron Sediment Filter - For mechanical filtration protects and extends the life of the carbon filter. Removes sediment particles, dirt, dust, rust, mud, algae etc.


Stage 2: 0.5 micron Carbon Filter - This is the heart of the system, social high-grade carbon cartridge which has special adsorption qualities. The 0.5-micron carbon block filter effectively removes all chlorine, chemicals, pesticides, unpleasant tastes and odour along with harmful heavy metals. Made from premium coconut shell carbon, the second stage carbon produces fresh and sweeter tasting water. 


Stage 3: Superfine Inline Filter - The inline filter serves as the perfect final polisher for our popular heavy-duty three stages inline water filter unit. the inline filter uses granular activated carbon. The more inline filter absorbs impurities and removes chlorine taste and odour from water.  The activated inline filter process enhances and clarifies water prior to delivery, for the most effective and economical way to provide your family with high-quality drinking water. 


This combination of 1-micron sediment filter and 0.5-micron quality carbon & Inline filter will provide you and your family with clean, safe and healthy drinking water.


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We generally recommend a regular service and cartridge replacement every 12 months