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Premium Alkaline Drinking Water Filter System for your kitchen, the Alkaline RO Plus water system is a superior Australian built and tested Alkaline REVERSE OSMOSIS water filter for the home or office.


Our Water Filter represents the very best in design with all housings manufactured to Australian Standards. The system is assembled and tested here in Australia to our exacting industry leading standards.


Your pure Alkaline water is filtered in stages:


STAGE 1 - SEDIMENT PRE-FILTRATION 1 micron pre filter to remove sediment particles, grit dust, mud, algae and protects the life of the membrane.


STAGE 2 - Carbon Block A special high-grade carbon block cartridge is added to eliminate some industrial and agricultural chemicals.


STAGE 3 -  CHLORINE PRE FILTRATION A special high-grade carbon cartridge pre filter is added to protect the TRC Filmtec membrane from chlorine degradation.


STAGE 4 - ULTRAFINE FILMTEC TFC MEMBRANE Screens out the minutest micro-particles. Pore size less than .0005 micron effectively repels heavy metals complexes, all minerals including fluoride, aluminum, lead, mercury etc. micro-organisms and colloidal matter.


STAGE 5 - Alkaline Filter provides final polish by adding minerals to the water and balancing the alkaline (PH) resulting in superb tasting water.


Service is required Annually and we will contact you at the time of service to organise shipment of the replacement catridges along with simple service instructions.

Premium Alkaline Drinking Water Filter System

GST Included
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